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Current Members (grad. year, project)

Shelby O'Riley (2015, Interaction of zinc complexes with DNA and proteins)

Brian Etz (2015, Lanthanide-doped ZnO and ZnS nanoparticles)

Peter Kerns (2016, Multiphoton cross-linking and fluorescence microscopy)

Megan Wright (2017, Applications of gold and silver nanoparticles)

Alvaro Montoya (2017, Fluorescence lifetime)

Joann Butkus (2018)

Group Photos

Summer 2013: Joe Lafferty (2014), Peter Kerns (2016), Shelby O'Riley (2015).

Spring 2012 (L-R): Cassie Zerbe (2012), Dr. Basu, Joe Antonides (2015), Nate Fox (2015), James Strande (2012), Alycia Frampton (2014), Joe Lafferty (2014), Chad Shultz (2012).

Fall 2009 (clockwise, L-R): Heather Crouse (2011), Samantha Berkheimer (2012), Greg Trout (2010) and Alex Doudt (2010)

Spring 2008 (L-R): John Jennings (2008), Greg Trout (2010), Elyse Petrunak (2010) and Jill Worlinsky (2008)

Fall 2007 (clockwise, L-R): Dee Snyder (2009), Amanda Brooker (2009), Jill Worlinsky (2008), Greg Trout (2010) and John Jennings (2008)

Fall 2006 (Clockwise, L-R): Adam Poncheri (2007), Brandi Swartz (2007) and Dee Snyder (2009)


Group Alumni (grad. year, post-grad placement and/or current location)

Joe Antonides (Math major, 2015)

Kristen Benitez (2015)

Nate Fox (2015)

Joe Lafferty (2014, Drexel University College of Medicine)

Alex Rhodes (2014, Pharmaceutical Product Development)

Alycia Frampton (2014, Masters Program, Villanova University)

Matt Gabrielson (Dec. 2013, Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

Chad Shultz (Dec. 2012)

Cassie Zerbe (2012, Ph.D. program, University of Connecticut)

James Strande (2012, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine)

Samantha Berkheimer (2012, Ph.D. program, Cornell University)

Heather Crouse (2011, Rhodes Pharmaceuticals)

Davon Slaton (2011, Ph. D. program, Syracuse University)

Greg Trout (2010, Chandler Learning Center)

Alex Doudt (2010, Western University Medical School)

Elyse Petrunak (2010, Ph. D. program, University of Kansas)

Deanna Snyder (2009, MS from GA Tech, AB SCIEX)

Amanda Brooker (2009, MS in Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics, Drexel University)

Jill Worlinsky (2008, Ph.D. 2013, University of Connecticut)

John Jennings (2008)

Kevin Cuff (2008, Stryker Orthopaedics)

Adam Poncheri (2007, MS from GA Tech, currently at Columbian Chemicals Company)

Brandi Swartz (2007, Copan Diagnostics Inc.)

Crystal Schneck (2007, Merck)

Christine Anderson (2006, Buchi)


Students at Conferences

Cassie at ACS 2012

James at ACS 2012

Greg and Alex at ACS 2010

Heather at Landmark 2010

Dee at ACS 2009

L-R: Christine (ACS 2006), Adam (MARM 2006), Brandi (ACS 2007), Crystal (ACS 2006) and Jill (Harrisburg, 2007)


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