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Tombstone Example tomb-A for the Surface Evolver

[Click for the tomb-A.fe datafile in a second window.]

This is the simplest model in the tombstone series. It shows just the chip and the pad, without any solder. The chip is horizontal and some distance above the pad (as placed on solid solder blocks before the solder is melted). The surfaces shown here are actually just for the convenience of the viewer; they will not be used at all in energy or force calculations.

oblique view x-axis view y-axis view z-axis view
Oblique view. View down x-axis. View down negative y-axis. View down z-axis.

element labels The wire frame diagram shows the vertices and edges of the datafile. The numbering may look strange, but that is because when I first set up the tombstone file, I did pure solder first, then added the pad and chip displays. I removed the solder for this datafile, hence the high numbers. This view has the z+ face on top, the x+ face in front, and the y- face on the left. The orientation of the edges is shown by the edge numbers being toward the heads of the edges. (The labeled wire frame pictures are made by

  set facet color clear; show edge where original > 1 
and using the P 3 PostScript command with responses no grid lines, no colors, original labels.)

Notable features:

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