Gallery of Iterated Function System Images

Click on thumbnails for full-sized images. Click on file names for the IFS data in text format suitable for input to my IFS display program.

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a001 a002 a003 a004 a005 a006 a007 a008
a001.ifs run a002.ifs run a003.ifs run a004.ifs run a005.ifs run a006.ifs run a007.ifs run a008.ifs run
a009 a010 a011 a012 a013 a014 a015 a016
a009.ifs run a010.ifs run a011.ifs run a012.ifs run a013.ifs run a014.ifs run a015.ifs run a016.ifs run
a017 a018 a019 a020 a021 a022 a023 b001
a017.ifs run a018.ifs run a019.ifs run a020.ifs run a021.ifs run a022.ifs run a023.ifs run b001.ifs run
b002 b003 b004 b005 b006 b007 b008 b009
b002.ifs run b003.ifs run b004.ifs run b005.ifs run b006.ifs run b007.ifs run b008.ifs run b009.ifs run
b010 b011 b012 b013 b014 b015 b016 b017
b010.ifs run b011.ifs run b012.ifs run b013.ifs run b014.ifs run b015.ifs run b016.ifs run b017.ifs run
b018 b019 b020 b021 b022 b023 b024 b025
b018.ifs run b019.ifs run b020.ifs run b021.ifs run b022.ifs run b023.ifs run b024.ifs run b025.ifs run
b026 b027 b028 b029 b030 b031 b032 b033
b026.ifs run b027.ifs run b028.ifs run b029.ifs run b030.ifs run b031.ifs run b032.ifs run b033.ifs run
b034 b035 b036 b037 b038 b039 b040 b041
b034.ifs run b035.ifs run b036.ifs run b037.ifs run b038.ifs run b039.ifs run b040.ifs run b041.ifs run
b042 b043 b044 b045 b046 b047 b048 b049
b042.ifs run b043.ifs run b044.ifs run b045.ifs run b046.ifs run b047.ifs run b048.ifs run b049.ifs run
c001 c002 c003 c004 c005 c006 c007 c008
c001.ifs run c002.ifs run c003.ifs run c004.ifs run c005.ifs run c006.ifs run c007.ifs run c008.ifs run
c009 c010 c011 c012 c013 c014 c015 c016
c009.ifs run c010.ifs run c011.ifs run c012.ifs run c013.ifs run c014.ifs run c015.ifs run c016.ifs run
c017 c018 c019 c020 c021 c022 c023 c024
c017.ifs run c018.ifs run c019.ifs run c020.ifs run c021.ifs run c022.ifs run c023.ifs run c024.ifs run
c025 c026 c027 c028 c029 c030 c031 c032
c025.ifs run c026.ifs run c027.ifs run c028.ifs run c029.ifs run c030.ifs run c031.ifs run c032.ifs run
c033 c034 c035 c036 c037 c038 c039 c040
c033.ifs run c034.ifs run c035.ifs run c036.ifs run c037.ifs run c038.ifs run c039.ifs run c040.ifs run
c041 c042 c043 c044 c045 c046 c047 c048
c041.ifs run c042.ifs run c043.ifs run c044.ifs run c045.ifs run c046.ifs run c047.ifs run c048.ifs run
c049 c050 c051 c052 c053 c054 c055 c056
c049.ifs run c050.ifs run c051.ifs run c052.ifs run c053.ifs run c054.ifs run c055.ifs run c056.ifs run
c057 c058 c059 c060 c061 c062 c063 c064
c057.ifs run c058.ifs run c059.ifs run c060.ifs run c061.ifs run c062.ifs run c063.ifs run c064.ifs run
c065 c066 c067 c068 c069 c070 d001 d002
c065.ifs run c066.ifs run c067.ifs run c068.ifs run c069.ifs run c070.ifs run d001.ifs run d002.ifs run
d003 d004 d005 d006 d007 d008 d009 d010
d003.ifs run d004.ifs run d005.ifs run d006.ifs run d007.ifs run d008.ifs run d009.ifs run d010.ifs run
d011 d012 d013 d014 d015 d016 d017 d018
d011.ifs run d012.ifs run d013.ifs run d014.ifs run d015.ifs run d016.ifs run d017.ifs run d018.ifs run
d019 d020 e001 e002 e003 e004 e005 e006
d019.ifs run d020.ifs run e001.ifs run e002.ifs run e003.ifs run e004.ifs run e005.ifs run e006.ifs run
e007 e008 e009 e010 e011 e012 e013 e014
e007.ifs run e008.ifs run e009.ifs run e010.ifs run e011.ifs run e012.ifs run e013.ifs run e014.ifs run
e015 e016 e017 e018 e019 e020 e021 e022
e015.ifs run e016.ifs run e017.ifs run e018.ifs run e019.ifs run e020.ifs run e021.ifs run e022.ifs run
e023 e024 e025 e026 f001 f002 f003 f004
e023.ifs run e024.ifs run e025.ifs run e026.ifs run f001.ifs run f002.ifs run f003.ifs run f004.ifs run
f005 f006 f007 f008 f009 f010 f011 f012
f005.ifs run f006.ifs run f007.ifs run f008.ifs run f009.ifs run f010.ifs run f011.ifs run f012.ifs run
f013 f014 f015 f016 f017 f018 f019 f020
f013.ifs run f014.ifs run f015.ifs run f016.ifs run f017.ifs run f018.ifs run f019.ifs run f020.ifs run
f021 f022 f023 f024 f025 f026 f027 f028
f021.ifs run f022.ifs run f023.ifs run f024.ifs run f025.ifs run f026.ifs run f027.ifs run f028.ifs run
f029 f030 f031 f032 f033 f034 f035 f036
f029.ifs run f030.ifs run f031.ifs run f032.ifs run f033.ifs run f034.ifs run f035.ifs run f036.ifs run
f037 f038 f039 f040 f041 f042 f043 f044
f037.ifs run f038.ifs run f039.ifs run f040.ifs run f041.ifs run f042.ifs run f043.ifs run f044.ifs run
f045 f046 g001 g002 g003 g004 g005
f045.ifs run f046.ifs run g001.ifs run g002.ifs run g003.ifs run g004.ifs run g005.ifs run