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Ball Grid Array Example bga-2 for the Surface Evolver

[Click for the bga-2.fe datafile in a second window.]

This is a slight modification of bga-1.fe to reduce the computational requirements. Since the top and bottom faces are fixed, there really is no need to refine their interiors. Thus the attribute "no_refine" has been added to faces 7 and 8 in the datafile. The initial refinement from hexagon to triangles still gets done, and the rim edges still get refined since they don't have the "no_refine" attribute. Note that "no_refine" only applies to the "r" command; it has no effect on explicit "refine" commands. At high refinement, this use of "no_refine" can save about 1/3 of memory and compute time, besides speeding up the graphics display.

without no_refine with no_refine
bga-1 bga-2

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