Published or Forthcoming:

“The Federalist Perspective in Elections to the European Parliament” Journal of Common Market Studies. Forthcoming.

“The EU’s Information Deficit?: Comparing Political Knowledge across Levels of Governance” Perspectives on European Politics and Society. Forthcoming.

"Explaining Low Turnout in European Elections: The Role of Issue Salience and Institutional Perceptions in Elections to the European Parliament" Journal of European Integration. 2014. 36(4): 339-356. 2014.

“Information Effects and Mass Support for EU Policy Control” with Tim Hellwig. European Union Politics. 13(4): 2012. 535-557.

“Explaining the Second Order Effect: The Role of Issues and Institutions in Elections to the European Parliament” in Susan Banducci, et al (eds.) An Audit of Democracy in the European Union. 2012. European University Institute.

“Second-Order Elections versus First-Order Thinking: How Voters Perceive the Representation Process in a Multi-Layered System of Governance” with Robert Rohrschneider. Journal of European Integration. 2009. 31(5): 613-632.

Reprinted in Hermann Schmitt, et al (eds.) European Parliament Elections after Eastern Enlargement. 2010. New York, NY: Routledge.

"The 2006 Indiana 9th Congressional District Race” with Marjorie Randon Hershey in David B. Magleby and Kelly D. Patterson (eds.) The Battle for Congress: Iraq, Scandal and Campaign Finance in the 2006 Elections. 2008. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers.


I use data from the following sources in my research.

General Data Sources
The Quality of Governance Dataset

Survey Data
The Eurobarometer
GESIS Directory of Eurobarometer Data (very useful)
The European Election Study
The European Social Survey
The American National Election Study
The World Values Survey

Elite Data
Comparative Manifesto Project
The Chapel Hill Elite Survey Series

Contextual Political Data
The Worldwide Governance Indicators Project
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index

Contextual Economic Data
National Accounts Database of the UN Statistics Division
Human Development Index

Data on Elections, Voting, and Electoral Systems
The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems
IDEA Table of Electoral Systems
Election Results Archive
Electoral Geography
Adam Carr's Election Archive

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