Fall 2013:
POLI 121: Comparative Government and Politics
POLI 321: European Union
POLI 500: Theories of Democratic Citizenship

Spring 2013 (at the University of Oklahoma):
IAS 2003: Understanding the Global Community
IAS 3243: Contemporary Europe

Fall 2012 (at Indiana University):
POLS-Y 107: Introduction to Comparative Politics
POLS-Y 200: The Origins and Consequences of the European Debt Crisis

Past Courses (at Indiana University and Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth):
POLS-Y 317: Voting, Elections, and Public Opinion
POLS-Y 335: West European Politics
POLS-Y 350: Transnational Democracy
POLS-Y 351: Model European Union
POLS-Y 350: Politics in the European Union
POLS-Y 309: American Politics through Fiction and Film (online class)
POLYA: International Politics

I have advised students participating in different types of political simulation. Information on some of these are linked below.

The Midwest Model European Union
Reacting to the Past

I have written a teaching guide for incorporating EU simulations into small high school or college classrooms: EU Class Simulation.

I have conducted a few webinars (linked below) for teachers on topics pertaining to the European Union: Webinars

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