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Studio Class - Spring 2012
Studio Class will meet this semester on Mondays at 6:00pm in Stretansky Recital Hall (unless otherwise notated). Dates are listed below. Please remember that you must perform at least twice (with different solo repertoire) each semester. The sign-up sheet for Studio Class is located on the Piano board (second floor by my office). Assigned collaborative works may also be performed in Studio Class, but towards the end of class time (please tell your partner(s) to arrive at 6:45 pm).

The11/12 Studio Recital will take place on Monday, April 16th at 8:00pm in Stretansky Recital Hall. This year's Studio Recital will be works for piano four-hand, with everyone joining their teacher. The Dress Rehearsal will be Sunday, April 15th at 2:00pm in Stretansky.

January 16 - NO CLASS       January 23 - STRH      January 30 - STRH
February 6 - STRH      February 13 - STRH      February 20 - STRH      February 27 - STRH
March 5 - SPRING BREAK       March 12 - STRH       March 19 - STRH
March 26 & April 2 - NO CLASS          April 9 - EASTER BREAK
April 16 - STUDIO RECITAL       April 23 - STRH          April 30 - STRH

Concert Information and Attendance
You may find a list of keyboard concerts and guest masterclasses here. All piano majors are expected to be in attendance at faculty and guest artist
piano recitals and at guest artist piano masterclasses. In addition, all piano majors are expected to be in attendance at their fellow piano student's degree recitals.


Collaborative assignments - Fall 2010/Spring 2011
Below is the list of collaborative assignments for the Fall 2011 semester. This list can also be found on the Accompanying board (second floor near my office).

Pianist Event Date Collaborating with: Repertoire Date assigned
T. Accurso Forum 3/29/11 M. Hyman Brahms - wir wandelton 3/1/11
T. Accurso Forum 3/1/11 C. Kerstan Offenbach - Elle fui, la tourterelle 2/17/11
T. Accurso Forum 2/22/11 E. Grumbine Faure - Au Cimetiere 2/4/11
T. Accurso Jury Spr '11 Z. Hornig Rorem/Schubert/Lalo 3/29/11
T. Accurso Jury Spr '11 C. Kerstan Schumann/Offenbach/Mozart 4/7/11
L. Baker Recital 2/25/11 G. Arment Bach/Ireland 11/30/10
L. Baker Recital 2/25/11 M. Bryson Mozart/Rossini 11/30/10
L. Baker Jury Spr '11 B. Krall Brahms/Bernstein/Mozart 4/6/11
L. Baker Jury Spr '11
E. Barr Recital 2/13/11 A. Roff Creagh/Zilincik/Ramirez 11/15/10
E. Barr Forum TBD E. Grasty Mozart G vln sonata 2/22/11
E. Barr Forum 4/5/11 S. Geyer Barber - Sure on this Shining Night 3/21/11
E. Barr Jury Spr '11 J. Keeney Handel/Debussy/Blitzstein 3/29/11
E. Barr Forum 4/26/11 K. Falvo Mozart oboe sonata, I 4/6/11
C. Conway Forum 4/12/11 N. Hoffman Handel/Casadesus - Concerto in b, I 3/14/11
C. Conway Jury Spr '11 L. Richardson Kreisler - Sicilienne/Rigaudon, Severn - Polish 3/29/11
C. Conway Jury Spr '11 M. Wagner Brahms/Brahms/Finzi 4/6/11
C. Conway Jury Spr '11
A. Ehly Recital 2/26/11 S. Silipino Handel/Purcell (hpsd) 11/14/10
A. Ehly Recital 2/27/11 H. Daubenspeck Bach - Ein ungefarbt Gemute, BWV 24 (hpsd) 12/9/10
A. Ehly Forum 3/29/11 C. Wilson Gluck - o del mio dolce ardor 3/1/11
A. Ehly Jury Spr '11 C. Wilson Haydn/Duke/Reger 4/8/11
A. Ehly Jury Spr '11 H. Margerum Haydn/Faure/Schubert 4/11/11
J. Fiore Forum 2/22/11 A. Simensky Lalo, I 1/31/11
J. Fiore Jury Spr '11 R. Doll Haydn concerto no. 1, II 3/30/11
J. Fiore Jury Spr '11
L. Flynn Forum 3/29/11 B. Sheaffer Gounod - Je veux vivre 3/14/11
L. Flynn Jury Spr '11 J. Druckenmiller Donizetti/Schubert/Lalo 4/7/11
L. Flynn Jury Spr '11      
A. Gingrich Half-Recital 2/13/11 J. Snyder Haydn - oboe concerto (all) 9/27/10
A. Gingrich Forum 4/19/11 J. Kleftis Campra - Charmant Papillon 4/6/11
A. Gingrich Jury Spr '11 J. Kleftis Campra/Cesti/Ireland 4/11/11
M. Hampton Jury Spr '11 R. Praschil Teleman f, III, Mozart concerto no. 3, I 4/11/11
M. Hampton Jury Spr '11      
M. Hampton Recital 2/27/11 H. Daubenspeck Verdi/Bellini/Rossini/Handel 12/9/10
C. Henninger Forum 3/15/11 Z. Hornig Handel - Total Eclipse 2/22/11
C. Henninger Jury Spr '11 A. Wickham Ives/Mahler/Faure 4/7/11
C. Henninger Jury Spr '11
C. Henninger Half-Recital 2/12/11 Lang/O'Connell Saint-Saens Allegro Appassionato, Vivaldi Sonata in a minor, Mendelssohn - Song w/o WordsA. Running Diabelli Goes to Town 11/8/10
M. Lee Forum 3/22/11 T. Donley Tableaux de Provence, IV 2/22/11
M. Lee Jury Spr '11 A. Luebke Purcell/Schubert/Sondheim 3/29/11
M. Lee Jury Spr '11 D. Owen Faure/Schubert/Holst 4/6/11
J. Musser Recital 2/27/11 J. Kirkpatrick Bozza - Rustiques, Alexius - Sonata 12/1/10
J. Musser Recital 2/27/11 B. Bettner Karlins - Music for Tenor Sax & Piano (I) 12/1/10
J. Musser Recital 2/27/11 J. Bainbridge P. Reade - Victorian Suite (I, II, V) 12/9/10
J. Musser Jury Spr '11 B. Vasey Mendelssohn/Meyerbeer/Granados 4/3/11
J. Musser Jury Spr '11 M. Groff Vaughn Williams/Kalman/Ives 4/8/11
J. Musser Jury Spr '11 L. Murdock Bach Eb, I; Taktakishvili, III 4/8/11
E. Odgren Jury Spr '11 K. Gribb Brahms e minor cello sonata 2/17/11
E. Odgren Forum 4/26/11 K. Robertson Mendelssohn Konzertstucke no. II 4/1/11
E. Odgren Forum 4/19/11 M. Brown Faure - Fantasie 4/3/11
E. Odgren Jury Spr '11 T. Accurso Liszt (2)/Barber 4/11/11
C. Pranitis Jury Spr '11 S. Geyer Verdi/Barber/Gounod 4/6/11
C. Pranitis Jury Spr '11 A. Williams Mozart horn concerto no 2, I, II 4/8/11
C. Pranitis Jury Spr '11 M. Preisendanz Telemann Bb Sonata, I 4/11/11
J. Smith Half-Recital 2/26/11 S. Silipino Finzi/Mendelssohn/Bellini 11/14/10
J. Smith jury Spr '11 L. Gardiner Bartok - Roumanian Dances, VI 4/1/11
J. Smith Jury Spr '11 K. Clegg Weber - concertino 4/11/11
R. Woodward Forum 5/2/11 J. Kirkpatrick Hansen - Sonata, II, III 4/7/11
R. Woodward Jury Spr '11 A. Belohlavek Monteverdi/Caldara/Butterworth 4/11/11
R. Woodward Jury Spr '11 T. Ayers Haydn/Schubert/Handel 4/11/11


Jury Information
All piano majors (BA, Music Ed, and Music Performance) are required to do juries each year. Piano juries, as well as department-wide Sophomore Juries, will be held during Finals Week of each semester in Stretansky Recital Hall. A jury sign-up sheet for piano juries will be posted on the Piano Board (second floor by my office) towards the end of the semester. The Sophomore Jury sign-up sheet will be posted on the first floor in the practice room hallway. Any student giving a degree recital is exempt from doing a jury in that year (see Recital Hearing below). Any student petitioning to do an additional recital on top of their required degree recital(s) must sign up for the Sophomore department-wide jury, regardless of class year.

Freshmen do a jury in both the fall and spring semesters.
Jury Requirements:
2 major and 2 harmonic minor scales, 4 octaves hands together, minimum 3 sharps or flats, student chooses keys
2 works of contrasting styles and periods
Fall semester: at least 1 work from memory; instructor may require both works from memory if short
Spring semester: BA students - at least 1 work from memory; BM students - both works from memory

Sophomores do a department-wide jury during the spring semester only.
Jury Requirements:
2 major and 2 harmonic minor scales, 4 octaves hands together
BM students: 3 works of contrasting styles and periods, all from memory
BA students: 2 works of contrasting style and periods, at least 1 work from memory

Junior pianists do a jury during the spring semester only.
Jury Requirements:
2 major and 2 harmonic minor scales, 4 octaves hands together
BM students: 3 works of contrasting styles and periods, all from memory
BA students: 2 works of contrasting style and periods, at least 1 work from memory

Senior pianists do a jury during the spring semester only.
Jury Requirements:
2 major and 2 harmonic minor scales, 4 octaves hands together
BM students: 3 works of contrasting styles and periods, all from memory
BA students: 2 works of contrasting style and periods, at least 1 work from memory


Recital Information: Recital Hearing and Recital Scheduling Information
BM Performance and BM Music Education students are required to give a recital(s) as part of their degree. BM Performance students give a half-recital (25 to 30 minutes) their junior year and a full recital (50 to 60 minutes) their senior year. BM Music Education students give a half-recital during either their junior or senior year. BA music major students are not required to give a recital for their degree. If you would like to give a non-degree recital, you must petition to do so with the Music Department faculty by signing up for a department-wide jury with the sophomore class the year prior to when you would like to do a recital.

To schedule your recital:
Scheduling of all recitals will now happen during the beginning of the fall semester. Schedule your recital date with Juli Boggs after conferring with all studio teachers involved and any accompanist(s) needed. You may also schedule a dress rehearsal time (two hour block) with Juli. Please make sure that your dress rehearsal time works for all students, accompanists, and studio teachers involved.

To schedule your Recital Hearing:
You must schedule a Recital Hearing to occur at least three weeks before your recital date. Three faculty members must be present at the Recital Hearing. It is recommended that you inquire with faculty as to their availability at least five weeks before your recital so you have ample time to find a date, time, and place for your hearing that works for everyone (faculty, performing student(s), and accompanists). Piano students should have their Recital Hearing in Stretansky Recital Hall. Once you have a date and time, you may reserve the hall through Juli Boggs.


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