Piano Studies at Susquehanna University

2009 NYC Keyboard Field Trip

Friday, October 23, 2009

SU Piano and Organ majors joined Dr. Niskala and Dr. Krieger for a trip to New York City where we toured the Steinway Factory in Queens, Steinway Hall in Manhattan, and then attended Murray Perahia's recital at Carnegie Hall.

The bus departed SU campus at 6:00am, and we returned back to campus late that night around 1:00am. Students brought breakfast (and pillows!) on the bus, lunch was provided by Steinway at the factory after our tour, and then we took the bus to tour Steinway Hall in Manhattan. After that students were free to explore NYC for a few hours, and then we all met back at Carnegie Hall at 7:30pm. That evening Murray Perahia played a program of Bach (E minor French Suite), Beethoven (Op. 109 Sonata), Schumann (Kinderszenen), and a set of Chopin (3 Mazurkas and the 4th Scherzo).

Cost of the trip for students? Each student had to cover their dinner. The rest of the trip (including our Carnegie ticket!) was funded by the Music Department - thank you Music Department!

For more information on the New York Steinway Factory, please click here.

Pictures from our Trip!

The Steinway Factory                               Wearing our safety goggles in the factory!                                                     


at Steinway Hall in Manhattan                      Outside Carnegie Hall


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