Curriculum vitae

Margaret Truschel Peeler


Department of Biology                                                                      8 Linda Lane

Susquehanna University                                                                  Selinsgrove, PA, 17870

Selinsgrove, PA, 17870                                                                     (570)-374-8471


Birthplace: Pittsburgh, PA


Education                                                         Dates                                               Degree


Duke University Graduate School               9/80-9/86                                    PhD

Department of Zoology

Cell and Molecular Biology

Training Program


Franklin and Marshall College                       9/76-6/80                                    BA

Biology Department


Academic Experience                                        Dates


Susquehanna University       




               Assistant Professor of Biology          8/89-8/96


               Associate Professor of Biology         9/96-present


Administrative Duties


            Acting Director of the Honors        7/00- 7/01



Director of the Honors Program    7/01-8/03


Chair of Health Professions              9/91-8/04

               Advising Committee


               Courses currently taught


  Developmental Biology/Lab   

An investigative approach to the study of animal development.  Emphasizes cell and molecular techniques

Cell and Organismal Biology

First year required course in major.  Introductionto cell and molecular

structure and function


Cell Biology and Lab Examines the structure and function of cells, using a human disease case study approach. 
Biology of Women Cross listed with Women's Studies- focuses on female anatomy and physiology, including women's health issues
Nature vs Nurture     

Cross listed as Honors Program seminar. Examines the relative contributions of genetics and environment to such topics as disease, intelligence, personality traits



Literature and Culture

of Science









                    Cross listed as  Honors Program course. Examines some the great works of science, the process of scientific writing cultural implications of science and science  writing


Issues in Human Biology                 Science and Technology Core course.  Focuses on human genetics at the Mendelian and molecular level with an emphasis on social and ethical implications of field


Core Perspectives                            Topic based seminar stressing connections of biological sciences to societal issues, and focusing on first year student development and engagement





University of Texas at Austin                         7/87-6/89

Zoology Department

American Cancer Society

 Postdoctoral Fellow

Lecturer                                                              9/86-1/87


Duke University                                                 9/80-8/86

Department of Zoology

Teaching and Research Assistant


Awards                                                                 Dates


Omicron Delta Kappa                                         4/05

Faculty Mentor of the Year


Alpha Lambda Delta                                           3/02


Omicron Delta Kappa                                         10/94               


Omicron Delta Kappa                                        3/94

Mentor Award, Susquehanna



John C. Horn Award                                           5/93

Susquehanna University


SU Faculty Research Grants                            4/91; 4/93; 4/00; 4/02; 4/05


SU University Research Grant                       4/90


Beta Beta Beta                                                     4/90


Phi Beta Kappa                                                   6/80

Franklin and Marshall College       


External Grants                                                     Dates                                Amount of award


NIH AREA grant                                                   Pending                           $150,000


NSF MRI Grant for confocal microscope 9/01                                  $142,000

Co-PI with David Richard and Thomas



NIH AREA Grant, NICHHD                          6/93-8/96                     $75,000


Instrumentation and Laboratory                  5/90                                  $10,286

Improvement Award, NSF


Research Opportunity Award                       6/90-9/91                     $20,000            



American Cancer Society                                  7/87-6/89                     $39,000

Postdoctoral Fellowship


NIH Cell and Molecular Biology                   9/80-8/83                    

Predoctoral Training Fellowship   

Duke University


Professional Societies


American Association for the Advancement of Science


Society for Developmental Biology


American Society for Cell Biology


Pennsylvania Academy of Science






* Susquehanna undergraduate Co-author             ** Maiden name


Epel, D., Vacquier, V, Patton, C, Peeler, MT., Miller, P. 2004. Sea urchin gametes in the teaching laboratory: Good experiments and good experiences.  In Development of Sea Urchins, Ascidians, and Other Invertebrate Deuterostomes: Experimental Approaches.  Methods in Cell Biology, Vol. 74.  Elsevier Press. 


Illies, MR, Peeler, MT, *Dechtiaruk, A, and Ettensohn, CA. 2002. Identification and developmental expression of new biomineralization proteins in the sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Development, Genes, and Evolution 212:419-431


Illies, MR, Peeler, MT, *Dechtiaruk, A, and Ettensohn, CA.  2002. Cloning and developmental expression of a novel, secreted frizzled-related protein from the sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.  Mech. Dev 113:61-64.


Kelso-Winemiller, L, J. Yoon, M.T. Peeler, and M.M. Winkler.  1993. Sea urchin maternal mRNA classes with distinct developmental regulation.  Developmental Genetics 14:397-406.


Peeler, M.T.,  L. Kelso-Winemiller,  M.F. Wu, J.K. Skipper, and M.M. Winkler.  1990.  Counterproductive transcriptional and translational regulation of elongation factor 1-alpha synthesis during early development in sea urchins.  Dev. Biol. 142: 486-488.


Kelso-Winemiller, L., J.L. Grainger, M.T. Peeler and M.M. Winkler. 1990. Reprogramming protein synthesis for rapid cell cycles: a model to explain changes in gene expression during early development.  U.C.L.A. Symposium. Developmental Biology, Wiley-Liss, Inc.


Peeler, M.T., S.A. Chambers, C.Y. Wang, and D.R. McClay. 1987. Stage-specific expression of �-1,3-glucanase in sea urchin embryos and hybrids. J.Exp. Zool. 244: 215-222.


Wessel, G.M., M.T. Peeler, S.A. Chambers, and D.R. McClay. 1987. A cortical granule-specific enzyme, �-1,3-glucanase, in sea urchin eggs.  Gamete Research 18: 339-348.


**Truschel, M.R., S.A. Chambers, and D.R. McClay. 1986. Two antigenically distinct forms of �-1,3-glucanase in Lytechinus variegatus.  Dev. Biol. 117:227-239.



Abstracts Published with Susquehanna University Undergraduate Students




Brown, KF., McMullen, A, Peeler, MT. 2004.  Neuronal guidance proteins in sea urchin embryonic development. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, 77:127a


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Dechtiaruk, A, and Peeler, MT. 2001 Analysis of mRNA expression patterns in sea urchin primary mesenchyme cells. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 74: 127a.


Knepp, S., Stone, D, and Peeler, MT. 2001 Expression of MTA1 in sea urchin primary mesenchyme cells. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 74: 136a


Cloud, M., I. Drummond, A. Moyer, D. Slack, A. Thistle, and M. T. Peeler. 2000. Cell fate determination in sea urchin embryos involves multiple signal transduction pathways.  J. Pa Academy of Science 73:152.


Follett, H. and M.T. Peeler. 1998. Beta-hydroxybutyrate has teratogenic effects on sea urchin embryonic development.  J Pa Academy of Science 71: 172


Charles, R, R. Clouser and M.T. Peeler. 1998. The protein kinase C inhibitor staurosporin does not block secondary mesenchyme cell conversion in sea urchin embryos.  J Pa Academy of Science 71:168.


Flango, J.K., D.R. Richard, and M. T. Peeler. 1997. The effects of all-trans-retinoic acid on morphology and gene expression in the sea urchin species Lytechinus pictus and Lytechinus variegatus.  J  Pa Academy of Science 70:172


Smith, K., R. Hamm, C. Ettensohn, and M. Peeler. 1997. Cell fate determination in sea urchin secondary mesenchyme cells.  J. Pa Academy of Science 70:194


Smith, K., R. Hamm, C. Ettensohn, and M. Peeler. 1996. Cell fate determination in sea urchin secondary mesenchyme cells.  Presented at Mid Atlantic Society for Developmental Biology meeting, Bethesda, MD


Robbins, K.M., D.M. Evans, D.S.Richard, and M.T. Peeler. 1996. Retinoic acid affects vegetal plate formation in sea urchin embryos.  J. Pa. Academy of Science 69:161.


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King, J. and M.T. Peeler. 1995.  Beta-hydroxybutyrate induced tetratogenesis in the sea urchin embryo.  J. Pa. Academy of Science 68:181.


Heckler, L.E., M.T. Peeler, and H.M. Hans.  1994. Lithium induces the skeletogenic potential of secondary mesenchyme cells in the sea urchin, Lytechinus pictus.  J. Pa. Academy of Science 67:180


Peeler, M.T., H.M. Hans, L.E. Heckler, and C.A. Ettensohn. 1993. Lithium induces the skeletogenic potential of secondary mesenchyme cells in the sea urchin. Molecular Biology of the Cell 4: 377a.


Hans, H. and M.T. Peeler. 1993. Spiculogenic secondary mesenchyme cells in the sea urchin express a family of primary mesenchyme cell proteins.  J. Pa. Academy of Science 66:186


Hayes, W., C. Como, and M.T. Peeler. 1993. The B-1 integrin subunit is expressed at equal levels in the dorsal and ventral halves of the chick neural retina. J. Pa. Academy of Science 66:186


McMeekan, J.M., S. Learish,  M.T. Peeler, and C.A. Ettensohn. 1992. Characterization of the culture conditions required for the conversion of sea urchin secondary mesenchyme cells to spiculogenic cells in vitro.  J. Pa. Academy of Science 65:191.


Conference Papers and Presentations


Winegar, L. T., Tyree, T., Satterlee, D & Peeler, M. (2004, November). The development of general education courses by academic and

student life. AAC&U Conference on Educating Intentional Learners: New

Connections for Academic and Student Affairs, Philadelphia, PA.


Reichard-Brown J, and Peeler, M.  (2004, July)  An interdisciplinary minor in health care studies minor at Susquehanna University, a liberal arts institution.  Association of Advisors for the Health Professions annual conference, Washington DC. 



Other Professional Activity                                                         Dates


NIH Study Section Member                                                           October 1993; October 1994            

Molecular Cytology Ad Hoc Panel


NSF ILI Proposal Reviewer                                                            January 1994


University Service                                                                             Dates


Susquehanna University Press                                                     1989-1995

Editorial Committee


Science in Action Day Participant                                                            1989-present


Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee                      1990-present

Chair                                                                                                           1992-93; 1995-1996; 2000-present


Faculty Athletics Representative to NCAA                          1991-present


Health Professions Advising Committee                                1989-present

               Chair                                                                                            1991-2004


Faculty Advisor, PreHealth Professional Club                    1991-2004


Faculty Advisor, Women's Soccer Club                                  1993


Middle States Self Study                                                                  1993

Study Group on Institutional Planning and



Women's Studies Planning Group                                             1991- present


Faculty Board Observer                                                                    1992-1995


Honors Program Committee                                                         1994-present


Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows Program                        1994-1995

 Campus Coordinator          


Faculty Representative to Board of Directors                      1996-1999


Faculty Secretary                                                                                  1996-1997


Co-Chair, Campus Campaign and                                           1996-2000

Susquehanna 2000 Capital Campaign

Steering Committee Member


Faculty Workload Steering Committee                                   1997-1998

Pew Foundation grant


Curriculum Committee                                                                    1998- 2001


Presidential Search Committee                                                    2000-2001


University Council                                                                              2001-2002


Athletic Director Search Committee                                         2002


Director, SU Honors Program                                                      2000-2003


Office of Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board                 2002- present


Schmidt Lectureship Selection Committee                            2002-present


Science Lunch coordinator                                                             2002-present


Middle States Self Study Task Force Chair                           2002-2003


Curriculum Committee, Chair                                                     2004-present



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