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Ecology, Evolution, and Heredity Lecture/Laboratory
Textbook: Biology by N.A. Campbell & J.B. Reece (7th ed, 2004)

Issues in Human Biology Lecture/Laboratory
Topic: Plants and People: Economic and cultural botany
Textbook: Plants and Society by E. Levetin & K. McMahon (4th ed, 2005)

General Ecology Lecture/Laboratory
Textbook: The Economy of Nature by R. Ricklefs (5th ed, 2000)

Terrestrial Plant Ecology Lecture/Laboratory
Textbook: The Ecology of Plants by J. Gurevitch, S.M. Scheiner & G.A. Fox (2002)

Plant Physiology Lecture/Laboratory
Textbook: The Biology of Plants by P.H. Raven, R.F. Evert & S.E. Eichhorn (6th ed, 1999)

A muddy excursion during Plant Ecology class.


Students collect data on oldfield biodiversity in Ecology, Evolution, and Heredity laboratory.

Students visit Sweet Meriam's Farm, a community supported agriculture initiative, as part of the Plants and Society course.


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