James J. Pomykalski, Ph.D.

Apfelbaum Hall Room 311 Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Voice: 570-372-4529 Sigmund Weis School of Business
FAX:  570-372-4491 Susquehanna University
EMail: pomykalski@susqu.edu 514 University Avenue  Selinsgrove, PA  17870

Brief Biography



Work Experience:

Academic  (Teaching, Research, Service) 1994 - Present
Industrial 1983-1987
Consulting 1992 - Present



“Expert Systems”, with W.F. Truszkowski, and D.E. Brown, Invited Manuscript, Wiley Encyclopedia of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, J. Webster (ed.), February 1999.


“Knowledge-Based System Design Enhancement through Reliability Measurement”, with D.E. Brown, Expert Systems with Applications: An International Journal, 11 (3), November 1996, pp. 277-286.

“Reliability Estimation During Prototyping of Knowledge-Based Systems”, with D.E. Brown, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 7 (3), June 1995, pp. 378-390.

Conference Proceedings

“Issues and Perspectives on Expert/Knowledge-Based Systems as Workflow Enablers”, with R.A. Mata-Toledo, Invited Paper, International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management, Jaipur, India, 1997.

“A Knowledge-Based System for the Analysis of Petri Nets”, with D.E. Brown, Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Pittsburgh Conference on Modeling and Simulation, Pittsburgh, PA, 1992.

“Using Knowledge-Based Systems to Aid in the Design of the Next Generation of Automatic Train Control Systems”, with B.W. Johnson, D.E. Brown, et al., COMPRAIL, Washington, DC, 1992.

“A Recursive Partitioning Approach to Reliability Prediction for Knowledge-Based Systems”, Proceedings of Ninth Annual Software Reliability Symposium, with D.E. Brown, Colorado Springs, CO, 1991.

“A Empirical Modeling Approach to Risk Assessment of Knowledge-Based Systems”, with D.E. Brown, Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Pittsburgh Conference on Modeling and Simulation, Pittsburgh, PA, 1991.


Favorites and Special Interests

Being from Chicago, Il originally, I like to check up on the sports news in the Chicago area.  I am a Chicago Bear and Chicago White Sox fan.  Given this, my favorite sites on the Web are: the Chicago Tribune Bears Page, the Chicago Tribune White Sox Page and the Chicago Sun-Times Sports Page.  Other good sports sites are: ESPN and The SportingNews.

There are a number of professional organizations, while not being an official member of, I still like to keep up with.  These organizations include:  ACM,   AAAIDSIIEEE Computer SocietyIEEE SMC SocietyINFORMS , SIGART , and  SCSI.
Academic publishers abound on the Web: 
As do On-Line Books/Bookstores: 

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