Dr. Matthew Rousu is Professor and Warehime Chair in the Department of Economics at Susquehanna University. His research interests include political economy, experimental auctions, agricultural economics, environmental economics, and public health.  He has published more than 50 scholarly articles and his research has been cited over 1,500 times. Dr. Rousu has also done research on teaching and constantly tries to keep students engaged. Recently this meant “flipping” his classes which allows for more active learning. Dr. Rousu has helped teach other economics faculty how to become more engaging professors at conferences and has co-led pedagogy workshops across the country. He also created and maintains the website Broadwayeconomics.com, designed to teach economics through showtunes. His main teaching interests include microeconomics, political economic thought, and game theory.

Dr. Rousu has been quoted widely on many issues.  Among the outlets that have quoted Dr. Rousu are the Associated Press, CBS Atlanta, The Chicago Tribune, Forbes, The NY Daily News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, US News and World Report, The Washington Post, Wikipedia, and Yahoo.com. He has also been a guest for many radio shows and podcasts. He has received several external grants and has received awards for both his teaching and research.

Dr. Rousu earned a bachelor's degree from the University of South Dakota and a Ph.D. in Economics from Iowa State University.

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