Alexander Wilce
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Susquehanna University

Office: Fisher 310; email:; Office phone:  570 372 4468

Office hours (fall 2018): MWF 3:30-4:30pm (or by appointment)

Research Interests:

·       Primary: foundations of quantum theory

·       Secondary (and mostly as related to the above): functional analysis, ordered sets and lattices, quantum information theory, quantum logic and probability theory, general topology.

I am also a fan of: category theory, measure theory, modal logic, operator algebras, and set theory. (I have offered, or can offer, reading courses in any of the above. Interested students should ask!)

Publications and Preprints                                                                                                     

Recent and Upcoming Talks 




Biographical Sketch: I was raised in western Massachusetts, and attended Oberlin College (BA in mathematics, 1983) and the University of Massachusetts (Ph.D. in mathematics, 1989).  Prior to joining the faculty at Susquehanna, I held positions at the University of New Hampshire, the University of Pittsburgh/Johnstown, and Juniata College. My wife, Mary Hague, formerly a professor of Government at Juniata, has more recently been a visiting professor of environmental studies at Bucknell University. We have one son, Griffin, age 18.


Courses for spring 2019

            Math 108 – Introduction to Statistics

            Math 321 – Abstract Algebra

            Math 411 – Real Analysis

A Puzzle: Punctuate the following string of words so as to produce a sentence that is both true and grammatical: or means either either or or and.

Another Puzzle: Complete the following: Redact in haste, repent _______.


And another (due to Griffin Wilce): What has two of one and one of eight?



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