Selected recent and upcoming talks


A shortcut from categorical quantum mechanics to convex operational theories”, QPL XIV, Nijmegen, Netherlands, July 2017


“Categories of probabilistic models, and vice versa”, IQSA Workshop, Nijmegen, Netherlands, July 2017


A royal road to quantum theory (or thereabouts)” (somewhat different from the 2014 talk of the same name!), QPL XIII, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, July 2016; also as a seminar talk, joint mathematics colloquium, Millersville University and Franklin and Marshall College, November 2016.


“Correlation, memory, and Jordan algebras”, invited talk, Quantum Lunch Seminar, Department of computer science, Oxford, November 2015


“Some nearly quantum theories”, QPL XII, Oxford, July 2015


“Some nearly quantum theories” invited talk, Celebrating 10 years of Categorical Quantum Mechanics, Oxford, October 2014 (same title as above, but a rather different talk!)


“A royal road to quantum theory (or thereabouts)”, invited talk, Amsterdam Quantum Logic Workshop, University of Amsterdam, April 2014


“Probabilistic foundations for quantum theory,” invited talk, AMS-ASL Special Session on Logic and Probability, Baltimore, January 2014


“Two stories about quantum logic”, invited talk, Logic Across the Disciplines, James Madison University, September 2013


“Conjugates, correlation and the Jordan structure of finite dimensional quantum theory”, invited talk, The Quantum Landscape, Perimeter Institute, May 2013; also as a contributed talk at Quantum Information and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, University of British Columbia, July 2013, and again as an invited talk for the James Madison University physics department, September 2013


“Symmetry, self-duality and the Jordan structure of quantum theory”, invited talk, Conceptual Foundations and Foils for Quantum Information Processing, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, May, 2011


“Homogeneous self-dual cones and the structure of quantum theory”, Focus session on Quantum Information and Quantum Foundations, American Physical Society March meeting, Dallas, April 2011


“For Measurement”, 16th UK and European Meeting on the Foundations of Physics, University of Aberdeen, July 2010


“Convexity, categories and the foundations of physics”, accepted for presentation at QPL VII, Oxford, June 2010 (Delivered in absentia by Ross Duncan)


Two invited lectures for the course “Foundations and Interpretations of Quantum Theory”, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and University of Waterloo University, February, 2010 (had to cancel; talks given by H. Barnum instead.)


“Four and a half axioms for quantum mechanics”, invited talk, Workshop on Reconstructions of Quantum Mechanics, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, ON, August, 2009


“Composition and symmetry in general probabilistic theories”, invited talk, workshop on Logics inspired by quantum computation, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, May 2009; also as a contributed talk, QPL VI, Oxford, April 2009


“Entanglement and measurement in general probabilistic theories”, invited talk, 22nd annual workshop on the history and philosophy of science, van Leer Jerusalem institute, Jerusalem, Israel, December 2008; also in the Foundations Seminar, Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, CA, March 2009.


“A recipe for probabilistic theories”, invited talk, QICS workshop on foundational structures for quantum information and computation, Obergurgl, Austria, September 2008


“Teleportation protocols in categories of abstract state spaces” (with Howard Barnum), Joint 5th QPL / 4th DCM workshops, Reykjavik, Iceland, July 2008


“Teleportation protocols for abstract state spaces”, invited talk, Workshop on information primitives and laws of nature, ETH Zürich, May 2008


“Broadcasting, teleportation, bit-commitment and all that: a view from altitude”, invited joint talk with Howard Barnum, The Clifford Lectures, Tulane University, New Orleans, March 2008


“Tensor products and teleportation protocols for abstract state spaces”, American Physical Society focus session on foundations of quantum theory, March 2008, New Orleans (Delivered in my absence by Howard Barnum!)


“Aspects of entanglement in generalized probabilistic theories”, invited talk, mini-conference on Operational approaches to quantum theory, Paris, October 2007


“Tensor products and teleportation protocols in convex operational theories”, joint invited talk with Howard Barnum, LARSIM, Saclay, France, October 2007


“Entanglement and measurement in abstract probabilistic theories”, Center for Philosophy of Science lunchtime colloquium, University of Pittsburgh, September 2007


“Tensor products and teleportation in general probabilistic theories”, invited talk, OASIS seminar, Oxford University Computing Lab, July, 2007


“Entanglement in general probabilistic theories”, invited talk, workshop on Operational probabilistic theories as foils to quantum theory, Cambridge University, July 2007



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